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Burnham Hotel - Baguio City, Philippines
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Bunrham Hotel is in a class of its own, recommended by Lonely Planet Guide to travelers

The rustic beauty of Baguio City lures tourists and nationals every time. With its cool air, tall pine trees, lush greenery and friendly locals, Baguio City is indeed the summer destination for people from all walks of life.

Looking for a getaway in Baguio City can be daunting and stressful with a myriad of Baguio hotels to choose from. Look no further because Burnham Hotel offers all the necessities you’ll ever need during your stay in the City of Pines. This rustic Baguio hotel is around 50 meters from Session Road towards Burnham Park and around 100 meters away from Burnham Park itself. This sheer proximity to the staple tourist destinations makes Burnham Hotel perfect for travelers who are on the look out for something new and happening.

This Baguio hotel exudes a rustic elegance with its solid wood interior and native furniture. It is also the first and oldest hotel in Baguio that is why it has a very knowledgeable staff. Burnham Hotel offers unprecedented hospitality and topnotch service. It also provides free Wi-Fi access to its guests. Its very own Cooks Inn Chinese Restaurant, just by the hotel's lobby, serves exquisite Chinese cuisine. The food they serve are fresh—the vegetables crisp and naturally juicy. Cooks Inn also serves Filipino breakfast. Savor and be satisfied by other dishes prepared by the hotel’s experienced and highly-trained chefs.

With its proximity to the city and tourist spots—Burnham Park, Mines View Park, Wright Park, Tam-Awan Village, Philippine Military Academy—Burnham Hotel is the best choice amongst all the Baguio hotels. It offers great service, hospitality, comfortable accommodations, great food and free Internet connectivity while giving you value for your money. With these comforts all under one roof, what more can you ask for?

Come to Baguio City now and book at Burnham Hotel to see for yourself.

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Our rooms offer warmth, comfort, and a feeling that you never left home. The ambience is a throwback to the yesteryears, when life was simpler, making you forget your cares as you relax on the soft bed after a stroll in the nearby Burnham Park


For the business traveler, tourists, or families seeking to escape to a sanctuary within the heart of Baguio City, our rooms have just the right amenities that will surely please you and make you want to stay with us every time you visit Baguio.